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BEFORE booking: First and foremost we need to know what your potential draw is.  We CANNOT do payouts for bands/acts who cannot draw at least 50 ppl on a weeknight and 100 on a weekend.  You must be able to demonstrate your draw through past events/track record, social media stats, local reputation, and/or any other special circumstances(example someone's birthday, a reunion show, employee party etc.).  If you cannot meet these standards, we may still be willing to work with you, but will most likely ask for a minimum of $50 in order to cover sound man expense.  We do provide for FREE a full pro PA/light system that would cost $600-700 to rent w/an engineer and have delivered and set up.   You WILL look and sound amazing.  


Please provide AS MUCH information as possible about potential dates, lineups, and promotion.  We are open to various proposals.


To translate: If you are looking for a paid gig but have no real draw other than random walk-ins or a few friends, we are probably not the venue for you.




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